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Best beaches on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia



Here are my favourite beaches in New South Wales, starting South of Sydney and going til the very beginning of Victoria.

Hyams Beach, NSW, Australia

Jervis Bay can be quite expensive, especially if you want to visit the Booderee National Park. Though Hyams beach is completely free and absolutely incredible. White sand, turquoise water, rock formations, perfect for snorkeling. If you like wildlife, take the short walk along the Hyams Beach trail also called the Bird Spotter’s walk. If you want to camp around Jervis Bay without paying a high price, drive one hour south to the Meroo Head campground, the most amazing free beach campsite I have ever seen.



Durras Lake and Pebbly Beach, NSW, Australia

Pebbly beach is located off Agony Road. Plenty of kangaroos, parrots, lush vegetation, fresh water and rocks can be found on this beach.

Durras Lake is obviously not a beach but it is a great spot to check out is you are visiting Pebbly beach, I honestly prefer the Lake than the beach. The lake is beautiful, the trees surrounding it are very mysterious and you will be sure to see kangaroo hoping around. There are two spots to access Durras Lake. First one through Mt Agony Road, Durras North, it is where the photos were taken and in my opinion the most beautiful part of the lake. The other one is off Durras road, it is on the south part of the lake and it is a great spot for fishing.

Bingie Beach, NSW, Australia

This is probably my favourite beach, not for swimming but for its diversity of animal species, colours and ecosystems. Make sure you visit Bingie beach at sunrise or sunset. Take a walk to Bingie Bingie point and discover unusual rock formations, from sharp, black volcanic to rusty coloured, polished rocks, little pool of fresh water in between and the remain of a shipwreck. Plenty of fresh water means Bingie Bingie is covered with lush green vegetation and food is abundant. When walking to Bingie point I saw an Echidna and a red belly snake chilling in a pool of water.


Mystery Bay, NSW, Australia


Mystery Bay is a beautiful beach with rock pools everywhere hiding corals and starfishes. There is also a cheap campground next to it, which makes it ideal to stay a few days.


Nelson Beach, NSW, Australia


Nelson beach NSW Australia

The mimosa National park is full of little inlets but Nelson beach has to be my favourite. You have a deserted beach, a calm inlet to swim and the view of the cost stretching out forever.


Nadgee Beach, NSW, Australia

This beach is hidden at the end of a 30kms bumpy four wheel drive road, in the Nadgee Natural Reserve, the only remaining wilderness coastline in New South Wales. You won’t find buildings or even people for kilometers. The only footprint will belong to you of wallabies even on Christmas holiday! This reserve is very remote, there is a walk in campground but you will need fuel and water.  I recommend to stay a few days because it is vast, unspoiled, remote and there is lot to see and do from waterways, beaches and walks.


Quarry Beach, VIC, Australia

Quarry beach is actually in the state of Victoria, but it is right across the border. You need to pass through the town of Mallacoota, which is so pretty. There is a nice Thai restaurant and its shores are filled with birds, pelicans and little islands of vegetation. Quarry beach has something for everyone, multicolour sand, rocks, walks and spectacular views. I have heard that Betka and secret beach right next to Quarry beach are also amazing in their own way with caves, inlets and rock pools.




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