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Secret Hot Spring in Pai, Thailand: free of entry fee and tourists


As I was visiting the main natural attractions in Pai I met an English guy named Jordan who introduce me to a secret hot spring where no tourist go. After visiting the Canyon, the hot springs and the many not so beautiful waterfall of Pai with my new travel friend Manon, we stopped in a strange little café called the Pai Land Split, where me met Jordan. By the way the Land Split is also worth checking out. A perfect place to cool off with fresh juices, fruits by donation and a very interesting story. Coming back to the Secret Hot Spring, Jordan told us, he was going to a secret hot spring, 30kms South of Pai.

“A hot spring which is not on the touristic map. Only locals go, it’s absolutely beautiful and completely free”.

We had other plans but a secret hot spring was a much better opportunity.

We left a little late on our scooters, it must have been 4.30pm. The sun was starting to set on the mountains and the rice fields and the road to the spring was stunning. We had a hiccup on the way, we ran out of petrol half way through so first advice make sure your tank is full before you head there. We didn’t really know what to expect but this secret hot spring surely surpassed everything we had imagine. Surrounded by mountains, a river boiling, clouds of smoke floating above and a big white rock spilling hot water into the river below. The water is so hot that you cannot swim straight in the water. Locals built a succession of small pools, which slowly fill up. As the water gets hotter you move onto the next one. We arrived as the darkness was starting to sets in so the smoke coming out of the river seemed even more impressive and created a mysterious atmosphere. I recommend going earlier though, before sunset to enjoy the changing colors on the water’s surface as well as the shift of atmosphere.

This secret hot spring is the perfect escape out of the mass of tourists, which make up most of Pai. There was absolutely no one! A local even came to our rescue as there was something blocking the flow of water into the pools. He did his magic and the pools started to fill with hot water again. We stayed there a few hours, enjoying the contrast of the cold air and the very hot water. We felt very lucky to be there, alone, taking in the magic of this incredibly special place in silence.


secret hot spring map

Secret Hot Spring LOCATION:

It might be the distance that keep this hot spring off the beaten track because it is certainty not its beauty. Count about 1 hour to get there. Make sure your tank is full and depart from Pai no later than 4pm.
Here is the map on how to reach the place. The name of the hot spring is Muang Pang Hot Spring and you will eventually see signs in English, as you get closer.






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