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Bushtuckers to grow in the sub-tropics


Indigenous food, or food native to an area will always be more adapted to thrive in this environment and so will require less energy to grow. It makes them the perfect plant to choose in Permaculture. Australia has a diverse selection of bushfoods or bushtuckers to choose from depending on the climate and conditions. I prepared a list of Australian bushtuckers for the sub-tropics organised by size to help you add them to your garden and table. .


Ground Covers

Pig Face
Succulent, ground cover, full sun, drought and salt tolerant
Edible raw with a salty strawberry flavour

Warrigal green
Annual ground cover, drought and salt tolerant, sun and shade tolerent
Edible leaf, must be boiled

Midyim Berry
Fruit edible raw



Flax lilly
Hardy rockery plant
Edible raw

Native raspberry
You can find a variety for almost any weather in Australia
Usually prickly, Full sun
Delicious raw

Cinnamon Myrtle
Aromatic leaves for tea and spice


Small to Medium trees

Aniseed Myrtle
Aromatic leaves with aniseed flavour
Used in teas

Davindson’s plum
Sour fruit, makes delicious jams, pickle, ice cream, wine…

Finger Lime
Prickly, like partial shade
Red, green or purple fruit also called lemon caviar. It is my favourite bushtuckers, the texture is very surprising and each color have a specific taste.

Lemon Myrtle
Aromatic leaves used in teas, sauces and cosmetics

Lime Berry
fruit edible raw


Medium to large trees

Black Apple
Edible fruits

Edible nuts


Zig Zag VineFruit edible raw


Fast- growing pioneers trees, nitrogen fixers, will protect your fruit trees while small and improve the soil

So when adding the details to your Permaculture design in Australia, think about using some of these bushtuckers. They will be easier to grow. Some will adapt to tricky corners of your garden (try the Warrigal green in the shadiest part of your garden where nothing grows). Finally your taste buds will have a little adventure.


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