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The Hidden Healing Powers of Silver: Beyond Adornment



Have you ever pondered the extraordinary qualities of silver while adorning yourself with your favorite ring or earrings? Well, this shimmering metal extends far beyond the realm of jewelry. In this article and on the yantar.ua web, we delve into the properties of silver that make it more than just a fashion accessory!

Де шукати срібло

Where to Find the Precious Metal:

Silver, known as Argentum in Latin and represented by the symbol Ag in the periodic table, is a shiny, bright metal that is approximately 20 times more abundant than gold. Despite its prevalence, it's still considered rare and valuable. Pure silver is seldom found; it often contains impurities of copper or lead, and these ingots can weigh several kilograms.

Silver is a trace element essential for the normal functioning of many living organisms. While marine plants boast the highest concentration, terrestrial plants, animals, and even the human body require this element for various physiological functions.

Срібло - особливості металу

Features of Silver:

The exceptional properties of silver have made it a staple in jewelry. Its malleability, second only to gold, allows for the creation of intricate designs. Various ornaments, coins, household items, and cutlery have been crafted from silver since ancient times. A special alloy, containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, known as 925, produces the highest quality and durable products.

Silver is resistant to change over time, but this resilience to external influences can only be maintained in an atmosphere free from foreign impurities. Even the smallest presence of hydrogen sulfide or sulfur compounds can cause dullness and patina on silver surfaces. Fortunately, cleaning silver is a simple process.

Additionally, silver exhibits high thermal and electrical conductivity, making it a valuable component in various devices and mechanisms, including personal computers.

Антибактеріальні властивості срібла

Healing Properties of Silver:

The beneficial effects of silver on the human body have been acknowledged for centuries. Silver products were traditionally exchanged as wedding gifts, not just as symbols of family status, but also for their health-enhancing properties. Silver-infused water, stored in silver jugs, was known for its antibacterial properties. Even during travel, coins or spoons made of silver were tossed into cauldrons to purify liquids.

Modern devices now utilize silver-covered rods submerged in water, passing a weak current through them to create an electrolytic reaction. This process cleanses the environment of disease-causing impurities and helps eliminate toxins from the human body. Silver ions contribute to strengthening health, positively impacting heart activity, increasing disease resistance, and aiding in the removal of parasites and stones in organs.

However, caution is advised, as silver overdose, known as argyria, can lead to its accumulation in the skin and mucous membranes, causing skin discoloration and various symptoms.

In contemporary medicine, silver-based preparations like collargol and protargol, derived from colloidal silver, are employed in treating various conditions such as purulent wounds, conjunctivitis, inflammation of adenoids, rhinitis, venereal infections, dysentery, and even certain cancers. Silver nitrate or chloride enhances the healing of wounds, burns, and scratches.

Accessories forged from this precious metal also exhibit healing effects. Explore our online store for silver jewelry with natural stones, known for their unique designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and practicality. These accessories are believed to assist with hypertension, high blood pressure, allergies, and lung diseases, with the therapeutic benefits most noticeable when the precious metal is in direct contact with the skin. Choose accessories that can be worn close to the body for the best results.


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