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Brogo Permaculture Gardens


Created by John and Sharon champagne and their 5 children, the Brogo Permaculture Gardens is a 20 years work in progress, which is now a center for Permaculture courses and soon a productive small-scale fruit farm.

It is a great example of a small scale Permaculture garden on a stiff hill in a temperate climate. Their food forest is particularly impressive. They create different micro climates with earthwork and windbreak to grow anything from olives, to nuts, to avocados and citrus. Even their house is an amazing eco-building, built by John and Sharon out of homemade mud bricks. Here is a link to their about us page explaining a little more about the Brogo Permaculture garden and house.

They run Permaculture design courses; earthwork workshops, consultancy services and they are always open to suggestions depending on what you want to learn.

Here are some photos I took at a SCPA – South East Producers meeting which John is the President. This is another example of a great sustainable food production initiative. It is a recognized organic certification for local producers, which do things a little differently. Check it out, especially if you are located in the South East of NSW.


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Hi, I am Marine a wandering farmer. I am a marketer and blogger by profession and a passionate sustainable farmer by heart. I just quit my job to travel and discover the world’s countryside, its farming communities and the roads least traveled. I want to change our food and agricultural system by documenting successful sustainable farming initiatives across the world and prove that another future in cooperation with nature is possible.

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