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Trying on a ring - features, and secrets of choosing

Sophisticated, beautiful and spectacular rings are an extremely popular accessory. It is not surprising, because modern designers offer many different models that can be combined with business, festive, and everyday outfits. However, in order for the jewelry to sit well and be comfortable in everyday life, you must first find out which ring size suits you. This is what will be discussed in our article! However, if you already know the size and want to view the assortment, visit our ukrburshtyn.com website and choose what you like. If you have any questions, our consultants will be happy to help you.

When to measure?

The girth of the fingers is a non-constant value. Depending on different conditions, this parameter increases or decreases, sometimes even by a whole size! That is why it is so important to choose the right time for measurement.

The most accurate results are in the middle of the day when a person is at the peak of activity. But the data obtained early in the morning or late in the evening will not be too true. You should also not try on accessories during illness, menstruation, after significant physical exertion, after consuming something spicy or after drinking a lot of water. In addition, in the heat, the fingers may swell, and in the cold, blood vessels and tissues shrink - take this into account when taking measurements.

Always remember that the joint is wider than the phalanx bone. Therefore, so that you can remove the jewelry without much effort, it should be a little looser than you need, but at the same time it should not dangle or slide on your finger.

How are the accessories different?

In CIS countries, the ring size is called the diameter of its inner contour. The classic line of models includes products from 15 to 23 sizes with a step of 0.5 mm. At the same time, the most common are women's rings of the 16-18 format. Smaller ornaments are considered children's, and larger ones are considered masculine.

It is interesting that the diameter of the 16-size accessory corresponds to the size of a 1-kopeck coin, the 17.5-size product is equal to 2 kopecks, 16.5 - 10 kopecks, and 21 - 25 kopecks.

How to find out the size of a ring on a finger at home?

You do not have the opportunity to visit a jewelry store, where a consultant will select the model that would meet your needs, but you still want to buy a new one? This is why various methods have been invented that allow you to measure your fingers yourself. Here are some of them:

  • determine the diameter of the ring you have with the help of a ruler or centimeter tape;
  • wrap the finger with a cotton thread in several turns, making sure that it fits tightly enough, but at the same time does not squeeze the skin. Fasten the ends, and then cut the resulting "ring" and attach it to the ruler. If the desired decoration is narrow or of medium width (2-6 mm), round the obtained value down, and if it is wide (from 6.5 mm) - up. For example, with a finger circumference of 17.2 mm, thin accessories of size 17 and massive accessories of size 17.5 will fit you;
  • significantly reduces the probability of errors when measuring measuring tape - a special strip of paper with a slot and a pre-applied scale. It should be twisted into a ring, pushing the free end into the hole, put it on the finger, and then tighten it.

Using the above tips, you can buy a ring that will look just perfect on your hand. And our shop "Yantar Polissya" will gladly help you in your choice. Models in various styles and colors are presented here - from refined classics to outrageous avant-garde. These high-quality, attractive and durable products will become the "highlight" of any image!